Presentations, landing pages
and commercial offers
Proposals that sell your ideas
My name is Maria Borysova and I help companies to launch their products, make them popular and become profitable.
My clients sell to Mitsubishi, CocaCola, and Toshiba with our well-designed marketing offers. They are looking for partners and find them - for example, the largest mall in Kuwait to sell their luxury products.
I create marketing offers the audience wants to buy. What's your idea?
They expand their network of coffee shops to other countries with a successful presentation. Inspire hundreds of their sale managers to understand the product better and sell it successfully.
Меня зовут Мария Борисова
и я занимаюсь маркетингом
и продвижением компаний 6 лет.
My services
Landing pages
- For the clients operating on B2B and B2C markets
- For the potential partners
- For the investors
- A landing page is a great way to test an idea and not spend a fortune
- Smart and simple website for your company using landing page builders
Competitor and Product Analysis
Product offering: content and positioning
Marketing collateral design
Marketing strategy
Marketing communications
that fit your business
Any ideas made real, no matter how complex
Presentation or Landing page
Complex animation
Budget wise
An effective and profitable resource for a business
Clear process
An agreed roadmap, strict deadlines and smooth communication


To create a sales presentation for a Japanese startup selling delivery using drones.


Smart presentation, structure and content writing, design, animation.


I worked also on the investor pitch deck for the client after this work was completed.
delivery using drones as a service
Presentation for the agency


to present an offer to a client
convey the idea and values of the company
tell more about the work process


bright presentation using the style of the company
creating master slides
posters to convey the spirit and the values of the agency.
commercial proposal
I express my deep gratitude for the creation of my dream website!

My ideas of the future design and functionality were fully implemented, the project delivered on time and in accordance with the requirements. The site is functional and interesting.

I wish you more grateful customers!

Olga Obishchenko
Cosmetologist-Dermatologist at Dr.Zonova Beautyclinic
Mary was a delight to work with. She took the instructions I provided for my slide deck and did exactly what I was hoping for. She was very helpful and also creative in coming up with new ideas and designs!
She's one of the most talented people I have worked with. She did an amazing job creating a presentation to pitch my ideas and help grow my business. Highly recommended.
Marina worked extremely well creating a style based on the brief and articulating each part very well. We worked well together and I recommend her to anyone looking for presentation materials.
- Aziz Alotaibi,
owner of design concept store Ruff
- Scott Zandbergen,
financial consultant
- James Suther, VP of Sales
- A landing page or a presentation structure
- Landing page or presentation design
- Mobile and desktop version of the landing page
- A landing page or a presentation structure
- Copywriting
- Landing page or presentation design
- Mobile and desktop version of the landing page
- Animation of the elements
from $350

from $250

- Creating 2 landing pages for A / B testing
- Copywriting
- Landing page design
- Mobile and desktop versions of the pages
- Complex animation

from $450

How I work
Communication, briefing
Understanding your project, goals and deadlines.
Discussion of the references, first samples and content.
A ready project
Full slide deck/landing page design, polishing the final version, adding transitions/animation
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